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Gothic Serpent Financial Compensation Policy

You're Worth It

Since the employment process in Gothic Serpent is so selective, being accepted as part of the team makes us believe you're worth it. Read about how you will be paid below.

Employee Pay Benefits

As an employee at Gothic Serpent, you are entitled to certain benefits that set us apart from most traditional digital effects companies.

Employment Period

An employment period consists of one or more pay cycles spanning from a single week to years. Your tenure at Gothic Serpent will primarily depend on work demand and output quality.

Pay Cycle

A pay cycle is currently defined as a week-long period.

Partial Advance Payments

While you are employed by Gothic Serpent on a task, employees are compensated for at least a quarter of their weekly hours at the start of the pay cycle. For example, if you are doing a sales position at $13.50/hr with us and have been given 15 hours for the weekly pay cycle period, you will be entitled to at least $50.63 at the start of the week. The remainder will be paid to you at the end of the pay cycle. This gives employees a sense of security while minimizing risk to the employer by not over-paying in advance.

Method of Payment

Paypal is typically used for all payouts, local or international. Exceptions are sometimes granted for special cases.

Solution Graphics

Quality Benefits

If you have an extensive credit list / resume, are extremely qualified, or produce exceptional work, you will likely be given more than 25% at the start of the pay cycle.


Gothic Serpent reserves the right to cancel payment at any time for any reason. Usually, this would only occur if the employee acts in bad faith.